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Facilitation is a powerful, efficient and effective way of achieving outputs and outcomes. Facilitation is particularly useful in maximising team performance.

As a facilitator I will manage time effectively, keep people focused on the outputs, use tools which enable everybody to contribute, provoke and challenge thinking in a non-confrontational way and deal effectively with conflict between people.

The success of facilitated workshops is dependent on clarity of purpose, good design and flexible facilitation. A flexible facilitator will tweak the programme, on the day, to address any changing priorities and accommodate issues raised.

I usually take a project management approach to design and deliver facilitated events.

Agree outputs and outcomes
Clarify the role of the facilitator
Design the faciliatation process
Run event

In my experience the role of the facilitator varies depending on the objectives and expectations of the client. This has ranged from acting as a catalyst, challenging thinking, being a summariser (reflector) to simply being the 'master of ceremonies'.

For me the design is critical to success. However facilitation requires the facilitator to be comfortable and capable of changing the programme, on the day, to meet participants' and organisational needs.

I believe I have the gravitas; knowledge and experience to ensure facilitated events achieve their objectives. I have a large selection of tools and techniques to draw on for example; problem solving, strategic planning and project management, process mapping tools and techniques, visualisation, visioning, drum circles, construction activities, cook schools, action cards, brainstorming and mind maps to name a few

I have facilitated a wide range of events including: The facilitation case studies provide a few examples.

For large groups it is sometimes better to use a number of table/group facilitators. Within my network there are a number of excellent facilitators.

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Tel: 07970 246037 email:
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